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Advanced English Course

The course is designed to prepare participants who can speak and understand english but want to increase their confidence by improving their command over vocabulary, grammar, diction, pronunciation, fluency, writing skills and use business english in their personal life and career. The course modules are designed to deliver more practical skills to enhance communication at work in both professional and friendly environment. Therefore public speaking, role plays, group discussions, CV writing and interview skills are an integral part of the course.

The Benefits and Objectives of the course:
  • Improve confidence to communicate effectively in any situation.
  • Increase the efficacy of conducting meetings and negotiating deals.
  • Enhance the vocabulary and grammar for business purpose.
  • Improve presentation skills
  • Increase effective business English writing, report writing and Email skills
  • Have a neutral accent and correct diction
  • Create a positive attitude and body language
  • Enhance cultural understanding
  • Improve interpersonal and networking skills
  • Course Content
    • Business English communication
    • Enhanced learning of English vocabulary, grammar and expressions
    • Business English writing exercises
    • Conducting meetings and negotiating deals.
    • Correct communication on telephones, video conferencing and teleconferencing
    • High end Presentation skills
    • Job interview skills
    • Social Skills
    • Personality Development.