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Emergency Medical Technician - Basic

Job Description

xProviding emergency medical support and care to individuals who are critically ill or injured and transporting them to a medical facility within stipulated time limits. Minimum Qualification: Class XII in Science with relevant professional qualification
Course Outlet

  • Respond to emergency calls
  • Size up the scene at the site
  • Follow evidence based protocol while managing patients
  • Assess patient at the site
  • Patient triage based on the defined clinical criteria of severity of illness
  • Manage cardiovascular emergency
  • Manage cerebrovascular emergency
  • Manage allergic reaction
  • Manage poisoning or overdose
  • Manage environmental emergency
  • Manage behavioral emergency
  • Manage obstetrics/gynecology emergencies
  • Manage bleeding and shock
  • Manage soft tissue injuries and burns
  • Manage musculoskeletal injuries
  • Manage injuries to head and spine
  • Manage infants, neonates and children
  • Manage respiratory emergency
  • Manage severe abdominal pain
  • Manage mass casualty incident
  • Select the proper provider institute for transfer
  • Transport patient to the provider institute
  • Manage patient handover to the provider institute
  • Manage diabetes emergency
  • Collate and communicate health information
  • Act within the limits of one’s competence and authority
  • Work effectively with others
  • Manage work to meet requirements
  • Maintain a safe, healthy, and secure working environment
  • Practice code of conduct while performing duties
  • Follow biomedical waste disposal protocols
  • Follow infection control policies and procedures