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Basic English Course

Communicating effectively is the lifeline of all activities. Effective communication skills are required in personal as well as professional life. To create a positive impact a person needs to have excellent communication skills. Success in any field requires clear and concise communication.
The course is designed to improve accuracy and fluency in English. The course aims to develop the three broad aspects of communication - verbal, non-verbal and written.

Benefits and Objectives of Basic English Speaking Course:
  • Help participants to develop and demonstrate natural and accurate style of English speaking skills with correct pronunciation.
  • Students would be able to make a strong personal introduction and participate in group discussions and personal interviews.
  • You will learn how to agree or disagree, how to simplity, and recapitulate by using the right vocabulary and expressions.
  • Students will understand key aspects of English grammar, structures and rules
  • Participants will learn written skills and improve their letter, report and email writing abilities.
  • Students would learn tO communicate and express their ideas and thoughts using modern expressions used in Business and everyday life.
  • The course will help students to build lasting relationships through communication skills.
  • Help students 10 identify how culture influences speech.
  • Students will be able to appreciate the importance of body language in communication
Course Contents
  • Conversation
  • Creating a “Sales Pitch”
  • Self/Other Introduction
  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Pronunciation
  • Role Play/ Group Discussion
  • Body language
  • Basic Vocabulary
  • Basic Grammar
  • Writing Basic Sentences
  • Tenses in English
  • Thinking in English, Know statements questions and responses
  • Confidence Building
  • Introduction to Extemporary Speaking
  • Basic Letter/ Reportand E- mail Writing